Congregation Stories

We believe that stories are one of the most forming realities that God has made. The stories told in congregations communicate the heart, vision and culture of Redemption Church more than a series of statements ever could.

The Stories Around Us

Everyday we pass by people who have stories that need to be heard - because we need to be shaped by them. A project by Redemption Church interviewing people inside and outside the Church.

Inside Redemption

A series of conversations with leaders across the ten congregations of Redemption Church Arizona. Through these discussions, you’ll get a behind-the-curtain view of key relationships, decisions, and concerns within Redemption’s leadership.

Latest Episodes

The Stories Around Us: Episode 2

Nick Clancy, a Chicago-native now living in Phoenix, grew up with dreams of playing professional football. Nick tells the story of making it to the precipice of the NFL, and then God creating a different path for him. He talks about the heartbreak of broken dreams, and the peace of learning that even broken dreams are a part of our journey of becoming who He created us to be.

Congregations Stories | R/Tempe | Woven

What happens when the plans we made unravel? One year after Martin and Susanne Gonzalez married, they decided they were ready to start their family. Eight years later, the crib in their nursery still stood empty. Martin and Suzanne tell their story of the blessing of waiting on the Lord.

Inside Redemption: Episode 1

Luke Simmons interviews Neil Pitchel. He is the Pastor of Central Operations of Redemption Church. He oversees Finance, Human Resources and much more for all the congregations of Redemption. He attends the Gilbert Congregation.

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