We look for ways to support God-honoring endeavors in our community for the common good.


Redemption Grants

Some of the best leaders in the church are called to pioneer projects or organizations outside of the church. Each year we offer grants to support the launch of entrepreneurial works that seek to honor God in different spheres of society. Individuals are asked to present their vision and plans to a board made up of business leaders, creative thinkers, and church leaders. Whether financial support is awarded or not, advice and feedback are given to those presenting to help them succeed in their endeavors. We have awarded grants to efforts as diverse asĀ urban leadership training (Hustle PHX) to documentary films (Felled).

Foster Care and Adoption

There is an orphan crisis in the state of Arizona and scripture tells us that caring for the vulnerable children among us is close to the heart of God. We are committed to multi-faceted efforts that aim to prevent more children entering the foster care system, train parents for foster care and adoption, and support those who have opened their homes.