We are excited to announce the launch of our new website at Redemption Church. As our church has grown over the last five years, we have had to address the functionality and use of our website. The three main reasons contributing to the need for a new website have been an increase in congregations, a central Redemption Church presence, and upgrading the website for mobile devices.

At the time, when we launched our previous website, we had four congregations within Redemption Church and have added six more since then. Our Church has become more diverse generationally, economically, racially, ethnically, culturally, and in many other ways. With the redesign of our website, congregations now have more freedom and ability to control how their people engage and interact with their website and content. There’s now a visual and cultural distinction between each congregation’s website and we are excited to see how each church uses this to express who they are. The diversity of Redemption Church is very important to our structure and mission, which we hope will be seen clearly with individual websites for each congregation.

Our previous website did not have a central Redemption Church presence that offered more information on our beliefs, leadership structure, and mission. This information was present on each of our websites to some degree but was challenging for someone outside of Redemption Church to learn more of who we are without going to a specific congregation’s website. Now, users are able to go to redemptionaz.com and easily learn about Redemption Church and how we fuction. From our main website, the user is able to quickly find their congregation, which has tailored content and information about that location, leadership, their ministries, and how to connect.

Lastly, a big part of the redesign was the need for a better mobile website. Today more people own smartphones than desktop computers, while smartphone ownership has nearly doubled since the release of our previous website. The change in mobile internet usage has greatly influenced the scope of website design throughout the industry. More and more people are primarily using their mobile devices to access information on the go and at home.

The most common solution to creating the same website for desktop computers and mobile devices was to have two separate websites made. A mobile version and a desktop version. Because of photos, fonts, and other content being different sizes on a computer screen as opposed to a smartphone screen, two layout sizes of the website needed to be created.

Having two websites is hard to manage and update. An increase in varying mobile and tablet screen sizes have made it even harder to create websites that fit every device. Thus, “responsive web design” was born to tackle this problem and acts as a one-size fits all solution. Responsive websites “respond” to the size of the screen they are viewed on in order to properly fit all content visually and proportionately. Our new website is now responsive and can be accessed on any device, which makes it much easier to view, manage and update.

The leaders and staff at your congregations have put in countless hours to help get the website created and launched. They were integral to making this happen and we greatly appreciate their time and effort in crafting content and customizing your congregation’s website. Finally, we are very thankful for the relationship we have with the team at Whiteboard, which is the creative agency that built the website. We are big fans of them and their company culture. We hope and pray that our new website ultimately makes it easier and more accessible for people to encounter and know Jesus throughout our church.

If you have any questions about the website please email: info@redemptionaz.com