Our Mission

The local church is God's chosen instrument to communicate the good news of the Gospel. In word and deed, the local church is called to represent what God has done and where He is taking the world. We are his witnesses and His ambassadors. We are sent into the world, but set apart as a light to the nations. As we go, we are to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

In light of this mission, Redemption Church is structured to support the multiplication and health of local churches. We are structured to help unique, contextualized local congregations be faithful to their calling as God's people. The central organization, leadership, and brand of 'Redemption Church' exist for the sake of the congregations, not the other way around.

Mission and Structure

“We exist to glorify God by birthing and strengthening healthy local congregations.”

Leadership Development

We are intentional with structured efforts to develop, release, and support leaders. We invest heavily in theological education and church planting, while also providing internships and pastoral residencies for those pursuing vocational ministry.


Each Redemption congregation is led by a team of local elders and staff. The unified body of Redemption Church (all congregations) is overseen by a Leadership Team.

Tyler Johnson

About Tyler

I have been been married to Hayley since 2002 and we have 4 children, two boys and two girls.

I grew up in a family that was passionate about baseball and nominally “Christian”, sort of a default “American” identity. But when I was 17 God began to truly move in me and around me. By the time I was 18 I had surrendered to Christ.

I went on to play baseball at Arizona State University. It was during my five year baseball career there that God laid hold of my life, exposing those things I had previously found security in. In 2000 I sensed a strong call into local church ministry. At the end of my baseball career at ASU my pastoral ministry career began and has continued to move forward.

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Neil Pitchel

About Neil

Pastor of Central Operations

Kate and I were married in August of 1977. We have a daughter Cali who is a content director at an advertising firm in Seattle. Our son David lives in Gilbert. We’re all avid sports fans (mostly Boston teams). Kate and I love to travel, especially on cruises.

I was raised in a Jewish family in Boston so I knew nothing of Biblical Christianity until I first heard the gospel while a student at UMASS. After many years of struggling with the difference between my Jewish upbringing and the “gospel of grace” I decided Jesus was a great teacher and prophet like Abraham or Moses. Then I read “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis and had to decide if Jesus was Lord, liar or lunatic. After reading the New Testament and watching the lives of Christians I knew there was only one possibility that He was indeed my Lord and Savior.

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Aaron Dailey

About Aaron

My wife’s name is Dana and we have been Married for 15 years. I have 5 children: 2 boys and 3 girls. Their names are Kyros, Ezra, Hadessah, Selah, Ariah.

I am a Pastor/Missionary Kid with 5 brothers. My family is a great blessing and has passed down a strong Godly heritage. God graciously worked on my heart and saved me from self-righteousness and pride. The Grace of God freed me from slavery and empowered me to be his son. I felt God’s calling to preach at the age of 14 years old. God has given me a heart for urban inner city Gospel ministry and so at the age of 24 we planted a church in Alhambra Village. Our heart has only grown as we have become apart of the neighborhood. We love what God is doing in us as we are daily experiencing God’s grace. After all these years of life in Jesus and pastoral ministry I am more aware of how much I need God’s grace.

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Luke Simmons

About Luke

Lead Pastor of Redemption Gateway

I’ve been married to Molly since 2001. We have three daughters, Abby, Caitlin and Mary and one son, Hank. We like to laugh, play, swim, watch football, and learn.

Without Jesus, my life has been marked by arrogance, selfishness, and pride. I took pride in my morality and looked down on others who didn’t seem as good as me. God took ahold of my life through a neighbor who invested in my life as a 17 year old and challenged me to read the book of John with him, where I encountered who Jesus really is. Jesus is my treasure because he rescued me from the guilt, shame and punishment of sin that I deserve and he gave me new life in him. He is the King of kings and I want to live for him. Jesus is changing my life now by allowing me to see that I never outgrow my need for him. I am more sinful than I ever dared believe, and more loved and accepted by Jesus than I ever dared hope.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Speech Communication, and an M.A. in Missional Theology from Covenant Seminary.

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Chris Amaro

About Chris

My primary role is to lead Redemption Church West Mesa. I am trying to build the church from the ground up by the power of Jesus who builds his Church. My primary task is to equip the church for works of service. This means I am trying to keep people on mission, proclaiming the gospel, making disciples, & living for God’s glory. I am responsible for the organization of the church, communication, budget, Sunday Worship, Redemption Communities, etc. I am also the primary preaching pastor.

I was born & raised in Arizona, I am the oldest of 11 siblings, and grew up relatively unchurched. I had brief experiences in church growing up & even believe in a god but didn’t know Jesus. Growing up I never heard of grace all I heard was what you had to do & how if you screw up you are a back-slider, because of this I thought that you had to clean yourself up to work your way to heaven. I wanted nothing to do with this as I got into my teen years. I wanted to have fun and worry about the religious stuff later.

My freshman year in High School I was invited to Young Life & attended their Summer camp in northern California called Woodleaf. It was there that I first heard that Jesus loved sinners & wanted to have a relationship with me. It was June of 1996 after the camp speaker told us how Jesus died on the cross for our sins that Jesus changed my heart. I remember praying “I don’t know what this means Jesus, all I know is I want to follow you.”

I have been married for 5 years now to my amazing wife Ruthie Amaro. We met at Young Life camp & were engaged after 4 months of dating, and married 3 months after that! I have 3 daughters Olivia who is 4yrs old, Sophia who is 2yrs old, and Newborn Emilia who was born on December 24th, 2012.

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Paul Artino

About Paul

I’m married to Lauren and have two daughters and one son: Evangeline Love, Vera Grace, and Silas Jacob. They are my most favorite humans of all time.

After what can graciously be described as a “reckless” college career, God saved me while working as a waterski instructor/boat driver guy at a Summer Camp in Florida. My journey has included working in construction, marketing and advertising, oyster shucking (seriously), as a children’s pastor and as a pastor to college students and young adults.

I currently serve as Lead Pastor at Redemption Gilbert, and when I’m not around Redemption Gilbert, you can find me at home being sneak-attacked by my kids, posting up my interns on the basketball court, or wandering around the out-of-doors.

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Josh Butler

About Josh

Josh enjoys helping people who wrestle with tough topics of the Christian faith, and is author of the books The Skeletons in God’s Closet and The Pursuing GodHe’s worked internationally in 7 different countries, been beat up by a billy goat, and run over by a Volkswagen van. Josh’s wife Holly, daughter Aiden, and sons James and Jacob enjoy spending time with friends over great meals, and exploring the scenic beauty of the Southwest.

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Jon Demeter

About Jon

I married my best friend Teresa Demeter in the summer of 2000. We have 3 kids: Carson, Logan and Ryhan. Both my wife and I grew up in the West Valley and moved back to the area in 2012.

I grew up in and out of church. During my sophomore year in college is when I really turned a corner in my relationship with the Lord. God catapulted my growth with him through a personal discipleship relationship and a community of people that were passionate about their pursuit of Jesus.

After college, my wife and I joined the ministry staff of Athletes in Action in 2002, where we served college and pro athletes for 15 years.  In 2017, I took a role as the Executive Pastor of Redemption Peoria.

My hope is all who see me, hear me and experience me would catch a glimpse of him who saved me.

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Anthony Gee

About Anthony

I am married to a wonderfully spunky woman named Jessica who I met in college at ASU. We are both from Phoenix originally. We have two daughters. We lead an RC in Sunnyside together and have been up here at Redemption Flagstaff, since it first started in 2012.

I grew up in the Church and believed in God because I watched my Dad’s prayer life and knew that he wasn’t crazy and just talking to himself. However, as I hit my junior high years I started to dislike going to church and being a part of the church. I was finding my identity in being funny more than anything else. In the midst of all that, I still had this hunger to be loved and known by God. Well the reality was God did know me and love me, I just didn’t realize it yet. The summer after 9th grade, the Holy Spirit showed me his love for me in a way that spoke directly to me at a summer camp. Every since then, I have been diving deep into my relationship with Jesus.


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Dave Goffeney

About Dave

In 2002 I married my wife Kyra, a week after college graduation. We have triplets, born in 2007 (Cooper, Ellie, and Paisley), and our exclamation point, Zoe, born in 2010.

I was born in San Diego, CA, the youngest of four boys, and around 6th grade, we moved to Hot Springs, AR.  Amidst a pretty chaotic childhood the Lord used the cultural & geographical whiplash in my life (living between California & Arkansas), to really ground me in my faith and drive me toward His Word.  Just before my Junior Year of High School my mom and I moved to Tucson, AZ. After graduating High School I started school at The University of Arizona, where I studied Philosophy and Religious Studies, with a Spanish minor. While playing rugby and getting plugged into a college ministry, Cru, God instilled in me a deep desire to serve him through intentional, all-of-life ministry, which ultimately led me (back) to Tucson, AZ., to help plant Redemption.

Kyra, our 4 kids, my mom (who we are blessed to have living with us), and our dog, love spending time together, playing at the park, hosting people in our home, playing and watching sports, playing board games, swimming… living life together.

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Josue Lopez

About Josue

I was born in Hermosillo, Mexico and raised in a Christian home. I got my degree in Business Administration from the University of Sonora. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Mayra. I have two kids: Misael, born in September 2002, and Michelle, born in February 2007. For nine years I was leading worship at my church in Mexico. In late 2004, the Lord brought us to America to minister in the Latino community, working for Redemption Church Gilbert (formerly East Valley Bible Church). In 2010 we moved to the city of Mesa to work in the El Puente Community Center (formerly Broadway Corridor)  and to lead the worship in the new church plant, Redemption West Mesa.

Nací en Hermosillo, México y crecí en un hogar cristiano. Obtuve mi licenciatura en Administración de Empresas en la Universidad de Sonora. He estado casada con el amor de mi vida, Mayra. Tengo dos hijos: Misael, nacido en septiembre de 2002, y Michelle, nacidos en febrero de 2007. Durante nueve años dirigí la alabanza en mi iglesia en México. A finales de 2004, el Señor nos trajo a América para ministrar en la comunidad latina, que trabaje para la Iglesia Redemption Gilbert (anteriormente East Valley Bible Church). En 2010 nos trasladamos a la ciudad de Mesa para trabajar en el Centro Comunitario de El Puente (antes Broadway Corridor) y para dirigir la alabanza y los ministerios de comunidad en la nueva Iglesia plantada de Redemption West Mesa.

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Jim Mullins

About Jim

Jim Mullins is the pastor of theological and vocational formation for Redemption Tempe and is on the leadership team for the Surge Network. He has worked as a pastor, entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and a basketball scout in Turkey. He’s married to Jenny, and has an eight-year old daughter named Elliana. They spend their time watching basketball, cooking Middle Eastern food, and being completely ineffective gardeners.

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Frank Switzer

About Frank

Married to Jackie, we have two daughters. Shelby, our oldest, is a graduate of North Park University in Chicago where she completed a Bachelor’s in Biology. She’s now in graduate school. Darby, our youngest, is married to Joey. Both are graduates of North Park University in Chicago and are currently in graduate school. Both Shelby and Darby played high school and college volleyball. Jackie is the Director of the Family Life Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church, the terrific church she grew up in and the church where God saved me.

I grew up in a great family, but one that didn’t attend church. At the age of 27, Jackie and I met and started dating while, of course, she was attending North Phoenix Baptist Church. As a part of our “dating plan” I wanted to attend church with her to try and figure out “the Jesus thing.” God used Jackie and NPBC to save me in June of 1987.

In 1990 I met Tom Shrader (one of the founding pastors of Redemption Church) and began attending his Bible studies. He would disciple me where he could and when we had time. Eventually, the business I was involved in was sold and I was left with no career at the age of 35. I went back to school, earned a few degrees, and in 2000 entered vocational ministry. In late 2011, I was called to Redemption Arcadia, where I started in February of 2012.

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Josh Watt

About Josh

I’m married to my best friend Aubrey. She is a beautiful wife and loving Mom, and she makes coming home sweet. I’m Dad to my four boys: Elijah, Roman, Jude, and Ozzie. As a family we like to eat and when we are not eating we are usually thinking about what we want to eat next.

I became a follower of Jesus at a FCA baseball camp as a high school senior. On July 4, 2000, God graciously showed me that my attempt to find joy in this life apart from Him was silly and ultimately sinful. From that day I began the lifelong process of following Jesus. It is interesting though how God often has to take things away from us in order for us to know Him deeper.

After college, I moved away for graduate school. I moved away from home, family, friends, and everything comfortable. I had nothing left to distract me…. so for the first time I opened the Bible and read it cover to cover. For the first time in my young faith, Jesus was bigger than just my personal savior. He was the center of my story, the center of the Bible, the center of human history, and He was the center and source of all joy. I have never recovered from this truth.

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Wayne Wynter

About Wayne

I’ve been married to the woman of my dreams and my best friend Rasheedah since 1997. We have a beautiful family that we love deeply. Three children that live with us here in Arizona, and one that lives in New York. Their names are Aisha, Kwaseem, Serenity & Shakriyah – from oldest to youngest.

Rasheedah and I met in New York where we both grew up underprivileged minorities shaped by our environment with ties to the Islamic community.

As the son of Jamaican parents, growing up in the inner cities of New York, I was surrounded by both the Reggae and Hip-hop culture. I studied Rastafarianism and was heavily into Islam which grew into a specific focus on Nation of Islam.

By God’s grace, He opened both mine and my wife’s eyes to the truth of the gospel. I am constantly amazed by the weight, glory and implications of that truth. I have a deep desire to proclaim the truth of the gospel and see the fruits fleshed out through life-on-life application. I find no greater joy than seeing my family, people, culture and society shaped by those very truths. I believe God has called and set my life apart to labor in His vineyard for such a purpose.

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