Leadership Development

January 21, 2016  |  Sean Mortenson

We are intentional with structured efforts to develop, release, and support men and women who lead in the church, the home, and the community.



Redemption Church has invested in a multi-tiered leadership training program with the stated mission to “equip leaders in all fields and vocations to live as sent people to bless our broken world”. Over 1000 people across Arizona have graduated from Surge School and the curriculum is now being used in communities across the country. It is a 9-month, church-based program that involves individual study, Surge Tables (small groups), and Surge Intensives (classroom learning environments). Not only are men and women equipped to lead and serve in the church, they are challenged to apply the Gospel to all spheres of life and become better leaders in their homes, schools, and places of work.


Vocational Collectives

We believe that all of life is all for Jesus, and that work matters beyond church activities. So, to encourage the people of Redemption Church in their occupations and vocations, we organize and host gatherings that are intended to create a space for people from similar occupations and vocations to meet each other, pray for each other, and to reflect on the integration of the Gospel and our work. We hope to see mature disciples of Jesus emerge as leaders in every industry to plant seeds of the Gospel and impact our culture for the good. We have hosted Vocational Collectives for those in the fields of education, hospitality, tech, and so on.


For men and women wanting to explore the possibility of vocational ministry, especially in a local church setting, we offer internships at the local congregation level. The pragmatics such as hours, area of focus, responsibility, and compensation, vary in each unique situation.

Pastoral Residencies

For men looking to gain real-world pastoral ministry training, our residency program provides an environment for potential pastors to shadow existing leaders, practice ministry, and do it all in a safe and secure environment for growth. We borrowed the language from the medical community, where Residents are often already on a trajectory toward becoming health care providers, but spend their Residency shadowing doctors and practicing medicine in an environment of continual feedback, mentoring, and learning.

Though there is much intentionality in the teaching and training we invest in our Residents, in the end, the Pastoral Residency Program is much more of an art than a science, more of a “Hebrew” mentoring than “Greek” rows and classrooms. It is a lot of observations, experiences, mentorship, honest feedback, and time to mature and learn. If the church were a restaurant, the Pastoral Residency Program puts you in the kitchen and eventually hands you some ingredients and utensils.

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Church Planting

The local church is God’s chosen instrument to bring His hope to the world. Therefore, we are passionate about seeing the church multiply, with new congregations planting the Gospel in new communities. We are also passionate about seeing these churches mature, starting with a healthy foundation and growing in strength and integrity. Having planted multiple Redemption congregations and supported the launch of many plants outside of Redemption church, we want to share the wisdom God has given us (acquired through successes and failures) with those who are feeling called to start a new local church. While we have established processes that involve exploration, assessment, evaluation, and planning, there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for planting a church. The unique dynamics of each circumstance require discernment on everything from timing to finances. If you are interested in speaking to us more about church planting, whether you are interested in planting a new Redemption Church congregation or looking to be trained to plant outside of Redemption, please contact Luke Simmons at lukesimmons@redemptionaz.com.