Community & Global Initiatives

We are called to "love our neighbor as ourself". In an increasingly diverse and globalized world, many of our neighbors live on the other side of cultural divides. We must intentionally move toward these neighbors, both locally and globally, to show the love of Christ, for the spread of the Gospel, and the building up of His church.

Leadership Development

We are called to "equip the saints for the work of ministry". In part, this means helping the diverse members of the body of Christ serve God in every area of life, including their vocations. It also means training men and women to serve the church as lay leaders, scholars, pastors, and church planters.

Public Engagement

We are called to "seek the good" of the communities in which God has placed us. This means recognizing the good in our cities and investing in God-honoring public endeavors. It also means recognizing the systemic problems, the marginalized communities, and the needs that we can help address.


Church Planting

We are committed to training leaders and supporting the birth of new local churches. This means the launch of new Redemption congregations in places of need and opportunity, but also the equipping of leaders and churches outside of the Redemption umbrella.

Foster Care & Adoption

There is an orphan crisis in the state of Arizona and scripture tells us that caring for the vulnerable children among us is close to the heart of God. We are committed to multi-faceted efforts that aim to prevent more children entering the foster care system, train parents for foster care and adoption, and support those who have opened their homes.

Redemption Grants

We seek to empower entrepreneurs and creative thinkers in the body of Christ to pursue new initiatives for Gospel witness. Once a year, support is awarded to individuals, teams, and organizations that have presented a clear vision for a new endeavors that point to Jesus and advance the common good.

Neighbor's Table

We seek to move toward and build relationship with our neighbors on the other side of cultural divides - especially our refugee and immigrant neighbors, and the marginalized communities of our city. We grow in understanding, appreciation, and empathy through personal interaction and cultural experiences.

Global Trips

Relationships with organizations and churches around the world give us opportunity to support the global church and serve and Jesus's witnesses to the ends of the earth. Redemption congregations have developed individual connections to various global communities.

Vocation Collectives

We strive to celebrate common grace in all spheres of life and we pursue a vision of work and culture that drives us to ask how the Gospel ought to shape our individual vocations. We gather and connect individuals from various fields to discuss where we see God's goodness, the distorting effects of sin, and opportunities for redemption in their vocations.