Author: Abigail Drachenberg

Neighbors’ Table: Learning and Living

Abigail Drachenberg / December 11, 2016
Indigenous Peoples, Islam, Neighbors Table, Peace Feast

  In November, a group of approximately fourteen people meet for an afternoon to participate in a forum called the Neighbors’ Table.  What […]

A Workshop with Reconciled World: Engaging the Local Church to Love the Vulnerable

Abigail Drachenberg / November 1, 2016

Written by Brittany McFadden What is our relationship to the vulnerable? This question started off an evening of learning and discussion led by […]

Intercultural Worship Gathering Celebration

Abigail Drachenberg / October 20, 2016
Intercultural Relationships

Written by Brittany McFadden In the beginning of October, folks from various Redemption congregations joined with brothers and sisters at Church of the […]

Neighbors Table

Abigail Drachenberg / October 7, 2016
Islam, Neighbors Table, Peace Feast

At Redemption Church we believe that God has blessed our city with different communities and cultures, and God calls the church  to follow […]

Peace Feast Celebration

Abigail Drachenberg / October 4, 2016
Grace & Truth, Islam, Peace Feast

Written by Brittany McFadden In September in Phoenix, Christian and Muslims gathered to listen to and learn from one another around the theme “re-writing the […]

Love Your Neighbor (Whatever Their Religion)

Abigail Drachenberg / January 22, 2016
Outward Focused

The world seems to be going mad. If you go by what the news reports, the situation is pretty bleak. Particularly when it […]