A Role for Everyone in Foster Care and Adoption

Redemption AZ / May 4, 2017

A Story by Lindsey Stamm

One of the things I love so much about the ministry of foster care and adoption is what a beautiful picture it paints of the gospel.

I know it is hard, there’s paperwork, classes, agencies and trauma – but at its core – it’s a picture of what Jesus did for me – He took me, a sinner and orphan, and adopted me into His family and made me His child.

Anytime I get to see that picture it encourages my heart!

When I heard there was a need for counselors at Teen Reach Adventure Camp or simply T.R.A.C. I knew it would be challenging – but also an opportunity to show these kids the love that Jesus has shown me.

These precious kids at TRAC camp have been in the foster care system for a variety of reasons – abuse, neglect, maybe a parent used drugs. We don’t get to always hear the details of their stories – but for a few days, they get to take a break from that heaviness and just be KIDS.

They get to ride horses, go canoeing, play silly camp games – and there is a need for counselors to just simply hang with them, love them, laugh with them and encourage them.

At the end of T.R.A.C. camp, I wanted to take some of these girls home (you can’t, I’ve checked) but I can still pray for them. I can pray for their parents who are battling addictions, poverty, anger as they fight (or don’t fight) to get their kids back.

I can love my neighbors better because you never know if that person is struggling to be a parent and needs someone to tell them about Jesus and help them in practical ways.

One of my favorite preachers in the orphan care movement, Jason Johnson says this “We aren’t all called to do the same thing but we all can do SOMETHING.”

Maybe you aren’t called to be a foster or adoptive family in whatever season you are in  – but maybe you can play a role at this camp to serve for a few days – because who better to love these kids than someone who knows the love of Jesus?

Girls Camp: June 15th – 18th
Boys’ Camp July 27th – 30th
To apply to volunteer at T.R.A.C. go to http://www.Chandlertrac.com

June 26th – June 30th
To apply to volunteer at R.F.K.C. go to http://www.chandler.royalfamilykids.org